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Sustainable Tall Clothing for Tall Slim & Athletic Guys | Just Tall

Just Tall isn't another big and tall store. There are many of big and tall stores on the market, but not totally all guys are big and tall. Some guys are only tall - above 6'2" with a thin or athletic build. And these guys have always suffered at regular stores and big and tall stores. These guys suffer having to produce painful decisions between buying tops that fit the chest but are too short, or buying tops which can be long enough but too wide. And they could never find bottoms which can be long enough. There are not many tall men's clothing options available to them. An annoying problem.

So we built a fresh simple lifestyle brand particularly for 'just tall' guys Clothes for tall skinny guys. We offer extra tall men's clothing without the extra width - the perfect fit for tall slim and athletic men. Hopefully to offer these guys another choice in tall menswear and help put a finish for their suffering with poor fitting clothes.

We also worry about sustainability. We just source from ethical manufacturers that must tick a lot of boxes. We just use sustainable fabrics and recycled packaging. And we just order limited quantities at a higher quality to take the strain off the supply chain.

Our mission is to produce just tall guys easily fit in and feel great while keeping things simple and sustainable.

While having fun on the way!

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